External M.2 NVME for Razer Blade 15" Hackintosh

External M.2 NVME for Razer Blade 15" Hackintosh

Hey everyone, I have been looking in to dualbooting MacOS and Windows on a Razer Blade 15" (See the specs I'm looking at in image below) I came across this guide on a forum and one of the prerequisites before the installation is to replace the stock SSD with a 970 EVO or 970 PRO. Now if you have bought or have looked in to buying a Razer Blade you might see the problem with this; opening up a laptop with what seems to be a fairly unreliable power supply and poor overall quality control might be a mistake. I want to keep this thing under warranty for as long as I can. So the big questions are:

Will I be able to store MacOS on an external SSD (using a M.2 to USB-C adapter with, say, a 970 EVO) and be able to both remove it when not in use AND maintain dual boot functionality? And if there are many additional steps in getting this configuration set up, will it be worth the headache?

Also, if the guide I attached is outdated or you guys have any improvements upon it please let me know.

Additional Notes: I will not need to use the 2060 with MacOS as my primary use is music production so using integrated graphics is all I need, and I'm sure it will save me the headache of getting an RTX card to work with MacOS.


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