X299 Hackintosh Mojave Post-Install Issues - Perfect First Boot, Lag City After Reboot

After switching my video card from a 980ti to an rx vega 56 and doing a fresh install to Mojave, I've been having a very peculiar issue with my hack.

Essential specs:

Motherboard: MSI X299 Sli Plus

CPU: i7 7820x

GPU: Stock AMD Vega 56

Boot drive: Samsung 960 Pro 512gb

On my first boot from the USB, I had a perfect system. No lag, everything worked flawlessly, setup was exactly like an iMac Pro fresh from apple. The problems started when I rebooted. On my first go, I installed multibeast and modified config.plist, drivers, and kexts to match my good usb installer. This did not work and I was never able to reliably get into the OS again.

I then redid the install from scratch. This time, I played it safe. First, I just rebooted and used the USB only, did no post install. Weirdly now the system began to lag on second boot. Ignoring this, I replaced the stock EFI on the 960 Pro with the good one from the USB. The system now boots without the USB, albeit slowly with occasional runtime area issues, but in the OS lag is extreme. Typing has a multi second delay, but the cursor is a smooth 60fps.

I'm sort of stumped at this point, because to me it looks like the EFI is good, giving me perfect performance on the first boot, but I seem to be screwing something up after that.

Here's a link to the EFI partition as it is on the USB


Thanks for reading, any input is appreciated!

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