Rushing to install 10.15 beta on an hackintosh as fast as I can

Hi everyone, like all years i will attempt at installing the new major os release in beta on an hackintosh, as fast as i can after the release.

It's exiting to demostrate every year that our hackintosh are so good that we can start use the new betas in a matter of a few hours after the release.

I know it's pointless, but it's very funny to do and also quite challenging, and it's nice to be one of the very first to hackintosh the new version every year.

So here is how it's going to work:

-download from a mac the latest release, and install it on an ssd attached via usb

-retrive the correct info about the system binaries to mod the clover's kext injection to make it work with the new os (for sure it will not work for the new os release, that's why we neeed a modded clover)

-copy the existing efi folder of the target hackintosh to the efi partition of the ssd attched via usb and then replace the clover's binaries with thew modified ones

-boot the hackintosh from the ssd and see if it work or make some more mods and tweaking to make it work

If the clover mod isn't successfoul or comes too late, i can always boot an installed os on the mac and put fake smc and all the other needed kexts inside the /s/l/e or /l/e folders (and then rebuilng permissions and prelinked kernel) and boot it on an hackintosh with the latest public release of clover, which will not have kext injection working, but it will be enought to allows the system to boot after preparing it on a mac.

If all goes well it will be a successfoul install done quickly, luckly this year i am equiped with a very fast internet conenction at home and i am in touch with some people working on clover for the mod thing, so it will take me mostly the time for download, install, and waiting for the modified clover binaries to have it and demostrate that with hackintoshing you can do all the same things as a real mac as long as you have the understaing of the hackintosh behaviour.

For the hackintosh i am going to use, the most native and oob it's the better for this thing, that's why i will use my trusty haswell machine with an i7 4770k, asus sabertooth z87 and an r9 280x, which is the best machine i have, which is not a mac, in terms of macos compatibility and does not require things like the usb port limit workarounds and has an original apple wifi card so i will be able to use it even if i don't succed in installing the ethernet driver or having the clover kext injection working.

Reguarding the wwdc i will go at the Italian official IOS developers acedemy at the univeristy of naples to see the live stream and then i will quickly go home and start trying out all the new betas.

So what's your opinin on this little thing i do every year?

Are you going to attempt that as well?

Will you follow the development of the hackintosh of the new version?

I am very courious to hear from you guys.

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