Randomly can't wake from system lock (CTRL+SHIFT+EJCT)

I formed a habit of locking my terminal many years ago. Every time I go to leave my house or go to bed, I hit CTRL+SHIFT+EJECT to lock my Hackintosh. Until I upgraded to 14.3 (anything higher bricks my hackintosh, separate issue) everything was fine, but now that I have, when I hit a few keyboard buttons to wake up the display (the machine is set to stay "on", disks and all, the display is all that goes off), signal is sent to my display but the screen is just black. Nothing rendered. No mouse cursor, no response from the operating system. I can't get it to "sleep" again and try to re-wake it either.

Boot args include darkwake=8 dart=0 nv_disable=1 but I tested those and it won't boot without them.

Hardware: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/dckjtg + Vega 56 + MSI Gaming M7 + Intel Core i7-6700

Any ideas how I might fix this? Thanks all.

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