Natively supported PCE-AC68 not working on High Sierra

I recently got high sierra successfully installed, along with every driver I need, besides wifi. I have a Asus PCE-AC68, which everywhere I checked is supposed to natively work out of box with High Sierra.

The issue with it is when i go to network preferences, I cannot turn wifi on, and it says "Status: Off". I don't think it's properly detecting it or something. I can 100% confirm it works, it works great in windows 7 & 10.

In DPCIManager it shows up as "BCM4360 802.11ac Wireless Network Adapter", and seems to be using the "AirPortBrcmNIC" kext which is apart of IO80211Family.kext

I've tried installing every variety of broadcom kext that may fit that google searching has suggested, along with a variety of various patches and config things

I even reinstalled removing most added internet related kexts

I've also tried the card in different slots

I'm just stumped on why a confirmed working "out of box natively supported" card isn't working, without any good reason. Any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated

Edit: forgot some basic specs, I'm running an i7 9700k with an MSI Z390-A PRO and a GTX 1070, running as an iMac 18.1

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