HD4400 Help, text is blurry, incorrect resolution

Hi everybody, I'm trying to fix my iGPU for my hack. It's has the i3-4130 as it is the Lenovo m73 tiny. So my problem is that I followed the vanilla install guide and under "Devices" in Clover Configurator, I used device-id/12040000 to fake my GPU. It kind of works in the sense that I get full acceleration but what I don't get is clarity. VRAM says it is 1536mb. The text looks blurry on my monitor, the resolution doesn't detect 4k, and it detects my monitor as 30.5 inches even though it is only 27 inches. So I tried using the other option which was AAPL,ig-platform-id/0300220D. In this mode, the text is a lot clearer, 4k is detected, but no acceleration. Also, for some reason it detects my display as 61 inches. VRAM in this option is 44mb. Neither of these options are very good. Would appreciate any help in trouble shooting this problem. Thanks in advance!

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