UHD 630 on 8086k not working

Hello again, I've previously made a post about not being to install due to legacy shim, but since then I've been able to install fully and boot via HD. The biggest hurdle next for me is to get graphics acceleration working on my system.

MOBO: ASRock Z390 Pro4

CPU: i7-8086k

GPU: GTX 1080 (dGPU), UHD 630 (iGPU)

RAM: 16GB Corsair LPX 2667

STORAGE: 250GB Samsung EVO 850

I've tried via Vanilla install and Headkaze's guide for framebuffer patching, but no luck so far. I'll attach my EFI folder here (I've redacted SMBIOS info but it is set to iMac18,1 all according to vanilla guide):


BIOS settings are iGPU first, connected via HDMI and 32MB shared memory (allocated to iGPU).

Getting MacOS to read UHD 630 graphics but it says only 14MB of VRAM available, and obviously the animations and stuff aren't smooth. Thanks for any help/insight!

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