Onboard audio doesn't work while UAD Apollo audio interface connected via Thunderbolt?

Curious if anybody else has encountered this issue. The onboard ALC 1220 audio works fine until I boot the system with my UAD Apollo twin connected via Titan Ridge thunderbolt ports.

I implemented ALC 1220 audio using Lilu/AppleALC and layout-id=1 as appropriate for my board.

I have not applied an SSDT for Thunderbolt.

Again, ALC 1220 totally works as expected (although does show my logitech computer speakers as being headphones in sound preferences...) until I boot with the UAD audio interface connected via Thunderbolt.

Any thoughts?

My build:

Gigabyte Aorus Gaming 7

Intel i7-8700k


XFX Radeon RX 580

Titan Ridge add on Thunderbolt card (firmware + ports activated in Windows)

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