I need help for my first hackintosh (max 1500$), which gpu should I buy ?

Hi there, I am going to build my first PC/Hackintosh because I cant edit 4K footage on my late 2013 macbook pro. And I also need more power for my 3d rendering. Could you help me choose a good and easy build ? I mainly work with DavinciResolve / Blender / Logic / Premiere / Aftereffect. I'd like to have a dual boot system with Windows to get all of the 3d software that aren't compatible with Mac OS, I also want Windows OS to play little indie games on steam. But I wanted to keep MacOS for their interface, Logic, etc... You know all of these stuffs that make apple "Apple", if not you wouldnt be here :-)

Anyway, does it mean I'll have to buy two SSD to have Mac OS and Windows?

I think I'll buy an I7-8700K and for the gpu I dont know if I should take vega64, gtx1070, or RX570 ?

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