1st Hackintosh, where to start (please be gentle)

Hello everyone, I am hoping for a little guidance.

So, I'm new to reddit (this is my first post), so I apologize if I'm going about this the wrong way.

I have been an avid windows user for about a decade, I work in IT (mostly doing hyper-v infrustructre and other windows automation, huge with Powershell). So I am pretty tech savvy. Anyway, I have been using iOS devices for years, and I love them, I tried android once, and instantly went back to my iPhone. About 2 weeks ago I got my hands on late 2012 Mac mini. I put an SSD in it, and fresh copy of macOS Mojave on it, and have been using it as my day to day work station since. For being a solid windows user, and this being my first experience with macOS, I love it, I mean I frigg'n love it. Especially for the actual end user usage part for simple things, like email, iMessage, and web browsing. the integrations with my iOS devices are brilliant. Needless to say, I am not missing windows.

All that being said, I have pretty new Dell Precision 5530. It has an i7, 32gb of memory and a 500gb SSD. Its a really nice piece of hardware. I would like to get a Mac book, but I highly doubt I can talk my company into buying me one, as I work for the 'Microsoft architecture team'. Such a thing would be blasphemy. So, im just looking for some advice for a first timer on making his first mackintosh. Should I even bother with this model? I mean, I don't care if everything works, but basics would be nice. wifi, display, all that. the trackpad gestures would be a huge plus. I tried out a MacBook Air for like an hour, and the trackpad gestures were amazing.

anyway, looking forward to giving it and a try, and, interested to see how useful reddit is. Thanks!

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