Dual Boot Windows 10 & High Sierra Question

Hi guys,

Without getting into the details too much in my system I wanted to ask the community if they might know the answer, or if it's a quick fix. I had a stable system running of High Sierra on a separate HD, and then I decided to add another drive and give the dual boot system a try. I got my Windows 10 install going on a separate HD from the mac OS - but I forgot to disconnect my Mac OS HD during installation and my clover bootloader is gone. I can't get back into the mac - i tried physically disconnecting the drive the windows was installed on, and I also tried a bunch of different bios options.

Is there a quick fix for this? Or do I start completely over? And if I start completely over does anyone know where to find High Sierra? It's not in the app store anymore - it's mojave. Or if you need more information about my system - I guess I can figure that out. lol

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