All USB Wifi For High Sierra/Mojave work for Hackintosh too?

So I currently installed Hackintosh High Sierra on my Lenovo Y700 i7-6700hq, with a millions of problems and even more hours of troubleshooting per week. Now that everything is set and done, I was wanting to add the one basic feature that I would need to efficiently run the Mac which I had installed. So I needed wifi.

BG: I tried to install the Realtek Ethernet Adaptor Kext and other Ethernet Kexts as well, it would say installed succesfully, but when connecting ethernet cable, no real connection was formed so not really sure what happened would like help on that too.

So I am now looking for the USB Wifi way to run internet on the piece of computer.

Tldr: Does any usb wifi that says it will run on mac Os work on Hackintosh as it is basically acting as Mac or will there be complications and chances of not working?? Like for example, these USB Wifi says it will work on mac, would it work on my Hackintosh too??

Note: Also if it is possible can someone help me with the ethernet issue as well??


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