Horrible latency/lag in Sierra after changing system definition

This issue seemed to start out of nowhere when I changed my system definition in Clover. It persisted even AFTER changing it back to iMac 11,2 so I then tried updating the Clover app and bootloader to the newest version. The latency also makes it hard to type because the keyboard input lags. So I guess it's overall system lag but most noticeable when typing or playing media.

I've since updated to Sierra and while overall performance has increased I still can't play video or audio or type fast because the lag is so bad.

Here's what I've already tried troubleshooting: -Tried both OS X default and newest nvidia web drivers -Updated all essential kexts to newest versions. -updated Clover app and bootloader to newest versions -Many different system definitions in SMBIOS (currently using iMac 14,2, some definitions won't allow me to boot at all) -nvdisable=1 on start up -ran Kext utility to repair permissions and caches -Installed uliu and nvidiafixup kexts -Booted Windows 10 install to make sure everything works there, and it does. -System temperature is fine

Can anyone please help? I'm out of ideas and this is very frustrating because it started out of nowhere.

My specs: ASUS Maximus III Gene Intel i5 750 @ 2.68ghz nVidia GeForce 650 GTX 1GB 12 GB Corsair DDR3 RAM 2TB

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