PSA: Clover updates are not harmless

I recently had to fiddle with the BIOS a bit regarding an unrelated issue, and my BIOS menu got stuck because there were too many boot entries. I managed to remove the entries via EFI shell, but that was a pain in the ass, so I'd rather not do it again. The boot entries were caused by the old clover issue of making a new boot entry every boot cycle.

I already tried hiding /EFI/Boot/Clover and the partition UUID from the clover GUI, to no avail (didn't even disappear from GUI). I decided that maybe I could fix by updating clover. I downloaded the latest clover, made a dd backup of my old partition, and installed the new clover. Kexts, ACPI, and info.plist were not even removed by the installation process.

After the first reboot cycle, no issues occurred, however, the next day I suddenly got a kernel panic related to AppleALC. The panic itself was related to a page fault.

I managed to solve this issue by booting into my old install from clover on my install USB, and dd'ing my backup back.

Any explanations are more than welcome, as are solutions to the boot entry problem.

tl;dr I updated clover and got a kernel panic

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