Nvidia drivers not loading with "nvidia-update" and 10.13.4?

Hey everyone.

Geforce 1060, iMac 17.1 SMBIOS, 10.13.4, Clover 4411.

I'm encountering the dreaded display lag that plenty of people are getting with Nvidia's official, recent drivers. I figured I'd give nvidia-update a try and use the drivers I had on 10.13.2.

I run the script, install goes smoothly, no issue. I reboot and...nada. I can log into MacOS no problem, Nvidia Driver Preferences is loaded in the taskbar, tells me the drivers are enabled. Everything seems to be installed perfectly, and yet there's clearly no GPU acceleration—low rez, artifacts, RAM stuck at 7mb in System Report, etc—as if the driver wasn't really loaded at all. I've checked in Terminal and all my kexts appear to be loading fine.

I tried with 378. and .104. No go. GPU acceleration works fine with the official drivers (387. using the update script, but yeah, the lag is annoying to say the least.

Kexts, all freshly updated and using the most recent versions possible:

  • FakeSMC
  • Lilu
  • AppleALC
  • NvidiaGraphicsFixup
  • Shiki

Anyone got a magical solution?

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