Clover not showing without USB

I installed Sierra 10.12.6 on my HD 4000 based laptop. Its working well apart from the audio. But currently I'm trying to get it to boot without the usb.

I followed the vanilla installation guide without unibeast/multibeast. (Rehab's laptop guide on tonymacx86) But clover doesn't appear in the boot menu. In the boot options I see Mac OS X, but it doesn't work and it boots me into Windows.

Just to point out, I have Windows 10 installed (UEFI GPT). I installed Sierra on a separate SSD as UEFI GPT as well.

In the guide, he mentioned two points: select "Install RC scripts on target volume" and/or "Install all RC scripts on all other boot volumes", but not for USB.

Upon searching for a solution someone mentioned that when he used the option to install on all other volumes, clover started showing up in the boot menu. But I'm afraid that it might over write on my current windows boot file if I select that? What does it mean to install "RC scripts on all other volumes", does it mean it will install them on not just the Sierra partition but every other partition on all the drives(two SSDs in my case)?

My other attempt for a solution was to just clone my USB boot drive into a 24gb mini SSD that came in my laptop but even then clover doesn't show up in the boot menu. If I boot using the USB now, I can see that there's a new cloned partition on that SSD. But this didn't solve my problem as well.

What should I do?

Any help is appreciated.

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