What changed overnight?

Preface: I’m not new to hackintoshing, been doing it for years now. System specs are as follows:

MB: Asus Z170-AR CPU: Intel i5 6600k GPU: MSI 980 RAM: 32 Gb 2100 ddr4 OS: Latest - Mac OS X 10.13.3

Yesterday, I spend most of the day programming. The only thing I did even remotely could have caused this, is I ran a first aid check. I shut down over night. On getting home from class, I turned on the computer and it went to a black screen after boot. The only way I can boot is to do so without Nvidia Drivers.

I’ve tried: • Updating all involved software (os, drivers, bios, etc) • Changing multiple smbios definitions. • Installing Lilu and NvidiaFixup - Only caused a slowdown in non-NvidiaWebDriver mode. • Booting into recovery mode works

  • Computer shows up on network on other Macs, and is available for screen sharing
  • Displays black screen after boot, does not show notifications on screen.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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