Planning on building my first hack. Thoughts?

Hi! I’ve been lurking here for awhile, but this is my first post. I’m going to build my first Hackintosh in the next weeks, and I want to be sure it’d be mostly compatible.

I’m getting this:

I’m having these questions: 1. Which is thr cheaper and easier way to get Wifi and BT working? Most of those chips that are inside Dell or Macbooks can’t be found in my country (Argentina), so if there is any solution from TP-Link, it’d be ideal. 2. Would it be better to get a Raedon RX 580 compatible/perfomance wise? The prices for a GTX 1060 and the 580 are around the same. 3. I’d install Windows in one SSD and MacOS in other. Would be any extra trouble with this? 4. I want to do it as vanilla as possible, so then I can undestand what’s going on for troubleshooting and stuff, but I’d like to have a curate list of important kexts. 5. Do I need to change something in order to the CPU to work properly or will it work out of the box?

And I was thinking in changing the i5 for the i7 8700k, I’d be a bit over my budget but I could do the effort if it’d be much more futureproof and will offer a significant boost performance wise.

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