A simple tool to ease the daily usage of mac/hack.

1. CreateInstallMedia
~ Works for all macOS versions starting from Mavericks.
~ The terminal command can be tricky sometimes, use it to create your "vanilla" installer in no time.
~ Remember to install your bootloader (Clover or Enoch) once it's done.

2. EFI
~ Mount/Unmount your ESP partitions with in just one click.

3. Show/Hide
~ The title itself is explanatory :)

4. Allow Anywhere
~ By default, mac ONLY allows apps that are downloaded from Appstore or identified developers to be run in our system. "Enable" Allow Anywhere to be able to run apps that are downloaded from third party sites.

5. ScreenShot
~ By default, mac captures screenshot in .png type. Have the power to change the type based on your needs.

Enjoy :thumbsup_anim:
Is it really as easy as the steps outlined above... [►source]