Need help with a hackintosh build

Background: Last time I've built a Hackintosh (or even a PC) was in 2009. I've started using a Macbook for work since then and I haven't tinkered with anything hardware-related again for 8/9 years.

Today: I need a Hackintosh built and I was looking at the hardware listings (tonymac et al) and I'm really confused with all the new stuff out there.

Apparently, there are hard drives that bolt into the PCIe slot now? And what about those dual slot video cards? Last time I remember, it was the rise of (dual) SLI/crossfire something (2x video cards connected together), now one video card occupies two slots?

Anyway, here's my initial parts list. Let me know if any of these may introduce problem with the hackintosh build.

  • Intel Core i7-7700K (Is this the best bang-for-buck processor? I won't be overclocking anything soon, but should I buy a K processor anyway?)

  • EVGA GeForce GTX 1060 SSC GAMING 6GB (I haven't gamed in a while and I don't plan on any heavy gaming again soon, but do I need a beefy video card to drive dual 4Ks at 60Hz or is a 1050Ti good enough?)

  • Motherboard - still haven't found one but research says GigaByte is a really good brand for Hackintoshes.

  • Memory (most likely 32GB, but what brand should I get? I remember GSkillz or something from back then)

  • Hard Drive (again, that PCIe drive looks interesting. Is it a huge improvement over traditional HDD/SSD? Anyway, I'm planning to get a SSD boot drive and a 4TB data drive)

  • Power supply (any recommendations? how much would I need?)

  • Cooling (I read that the K processors don't come with cooling, and that there are self-contained water coolers now [oh wow, didn't knew this is a thing now], any recommendations on this section?)


  • Web development (need lots of RAM)

  • Photoshop, Illustrator

  • Very light/casual gaming (most likely emulators for PS1, SNES, etc, Stardew Valley)

What I already have:

  • I snagged a couple of LG 27UD68 monitors (4K, 60Hz) during the Black Friday sale for $350 ea. I also got one of those gas-powered dual monitor mounts from Monoprice. Note that I don't mind getting a Nvidia card and not utilizing FreeSync.

  • Wireless mouse and wired Apple keyboard.

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