HELP! It won't boot, already tried 4 methods!

So I built the following configuration:


i5 7600

GTX 1060

I'm using a Kingston 16GB DT50 USB 3.1 flash drive and I'm starting to think the flashdrive itself is the problem.

First I followed tonymacx86 guide to Install Sierra. That's where I found my first hurdle, I couldn't get the 'Install macOS Sierra' app since it was removed from the App Store. I got it by other means.

I then used Unibeast and made a bootable PEN.

After configuring my mobo in the bios (I couldn't find a few options, but I did the following:

  • Disabled VT-d

  • OS Type to 'Other OS'

  • IO Serial Port 'Disabled' (I also get the option Paralell Port and disabled that too)

  • XHCI Handoff Enabled

Here are the screens of my motherboard's bios: If you see any option I should change, please tell me because I'm not sure I have everything correctly set up.

After that I inserted the flash drive and booted.

The clover bootloader showed up, I chose Boot macOS from flashdrive. A white Apple logo shows up but it just stays there, nothing happens. I then try to boot in verbose mode and it just gets stuck on this screen.

I then try the tonymacx86 guide for El Capitan, did the same thing, but now every time I tried to boot, the computer just restarted itself and this time I did download the installer from the App Store since that one is still there.

So, back to reformatting the flash drive. Now, when I try to Erase it in Disk Utility, it gives me an error at the first try, but magically works at the second. It also gets extremely hot every time it is connected to a PC. Something's up with this drive.

So, I then promptly give up on El Capitan since my GPU is a GTX 1060 and that is natively supported in Sierra.

I follow this method:

It's a method to install 'Niresh Sierra' which is strongly recommended by the community and often labeled as hassle-free.

I download the 'Restore Sierra.pkg' package but I can't install it. My MacBook gives me an error message saying it couldn't open it '-1'. So then I install TransMac on my windows PC and flash the USB Drive with that.

OK, flashing is done, I connect the drive to my Hackintosh build, boot it up, and there's the Niresh bootloader. I select boot and bunch of text starts running through the screen but then it becomes arctifacted with a white Stop sign in the center and stops printing lines to the display saying 'can't access root' or something. I completely forgot to take a picture.

So yes, that also failed.

I then followed this guide to install a vanilla version of Sierra using MacPwn:

When MacPwn finished I removed the flash drive from my MacBook and tried to boot with it. The PC just won't boot this time, it just sits there with the message 'Insert boot device'. I checked the Bios and it does the detect the flash drive, it just doesn't boot from it.

So now I don't know what to. I'll buy a new flashdrive tomorrow and try it out on that.

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