AMD HD6870 - Sierra support help

Hello everyone,

I recently installed Sierra afte 5h of hell, but, when everything starts working fine, there's an issue. It's that OSx won't detected and use my GPU. I see eveything on my screen, but, 1st animations are laggy 2. got screen tearing on login screen and randomly using Safari 3. max resolution is 1280x720 and my display is 1680x1050 4. gpu detected as a 4MB gpu

So, I saw the thread that shows support for AMD cards, and my card is listed as supported, and, somewhere I read, my GPU is OOB, and the thread says I need to do this:

"In Clover, you have to set: - FakeID / ATI = full ID - Inject / ATI = true - FBName = framebuffer name - FixDisplay = true"

Seems easy but the thing is, I'm totally new to Hackintosh stuff. So, I find Clover very very hard. I installed Sierra using it, installed the Clover app for it. So, what and how do I need to do in Clover, I couldn't find any useful Clover tutorials out there, thanks in advance.

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