Alienware asm100-1580

Hello wonderful people!

I have the opportunity to purchase an Alienware asm100-1580 that has been converted to windows 10 for a steal. I was wondering if there was any way to convert it into a hackintosh. From what I have searched on here and tonymacx86 there hasn't been anything mentioned about this steam machine. It has a core i3-4130T in it (which I have seen converted to a hackintosh) as well as an 860m. I am assuming I will have to convert the wifi card to get it to work wirelessly (not sure if it's compatible or not) but that's an easy fix. I am assuming it is a custom motherboard from Dell so I don't know if that hurts or helps. So this leads to my question:

Is it hackintosh compatible? If so does anyone have any helpful links? If not, what's stopping it?

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