Triple Boot Win10/macOS/Debian

I am about to buy a new 2TB HDD for my laptop - G752VY - and set up a triple boot. I always used VM's until that time.

The basic idea is this: The first slot contains a 128GB NVMe SSD on which I'll install Win10 and a few software. The second drive is the new 2TB HDD on which i'll install Debian 9, macOS Sierra, and it will also be used as data storage for Win10.

So the second drive will have 500GB dedicated to macOS, 500GB to Debian 9 and 1TB dedicated to Win10 Data/software/games. Data inside the Debian and macOS partition are isolated from Win10, and can't be access from each other.

I guess I'll have to install first Windows10 on the NVMe SSD, create the three partitions on the HDD (1TB/500GB/500GB), then install macOS on a 500GB partition and lastly Debian 9 on the remaining 500GB partition.

The main goal is to boot on Win10 by default on the first drive Slot (NVMe SSD). If I need to boot on macOS or Debian, I would have to boot on the second drive (HDD).

Now, does anyone have already been through this setup on a RoG computer ? Is there anything I should expect to happen with the process I described ? It will my first hackintosh on a triple boot setup, is there anything to do in order to maintain the system clean and viable ?

Finally, is it feasible or not ?

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