How to download macOS Sierra on El Capitan with MacPro 3,1?

So I have a working install on El Capitan using MultiBeast 2 years ago.

I want to upgrade it to Sierra and use the vanilla Clover method. I read some posts about how you don't even need MultiBeast and can just put any necessary kexts in the EFI partition and that's what I want to do so I can upgrade my install in the future in any way I want without the mess that usually comes with upgrading.

The current problem is that my computer has a system definition of MacPro 3,1 which is not supported by Sierra. The Mac App Store won't let me download it. I tried to change my system definition to MacPro 6,1 and got stuck at boot so I used Clover to change it back to 3,1 and for now it works again. What do I have to do from here?


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