Tried to get iMessages working again, ended up having my account locked/password change forced, so that was nice....

I had my iMessages working on my Hackintosh (Sierra) until quite recently when they appeared to have stopped and Messages app would only be able to send as Text Messages (and even those wouldn't seemingly go through....). So I followed this guide to try and get Messages working again, and although every step seemed successful, upon rebooting and trying to log into iCloud I was told my account had been locked due to suspicious login activity and I needed to get sent a code via SMS and use it to reset my password yadda yadda...

Very annoying as I'm one of those people who really resents forced password changes so that I'll have trouble logging in for weeks now due to forgetting my password...!

Anyway, I reluctantly changed my password and re-gained access to my iCloud account, but now Messages is in the same position it was before all this happened, except now I have a new password which I will likely forget in about 8 hours....!! :-/

Anybody have any idea where I could go from here? Do I just try repeating that guide again???

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