NUC 6I5SYH w/ Iris Pro 540 Graphics Acceleration Disabled?

Hi /r/hackintosh, I just finished installing Sierra to my NUC and finally got it to boot properly (or so i think). However I am running into an issue when trying to run iMovie (the sole reason for building the hackintosh). iMovie is telling me the video mode is not supported because hardware acceleration is not enabled.

I've done a bit of googling where people on the TonyMacX86 forum ask if QE/CI (quartz extreme, and core image) are running. I am assuming these are the equivalent of video drivers for the mac OS. I have noticed the screen tearing and ghosting that this article references.

Can anyone provide me with some direction to resolve this?

Intel NUC 6I5SYH w/ Intel Iris 540 graphics and dual core i5 processor
16GB (2x8) 2133 Kingston HyperX SODIMM ram
250GB SATA III Kingston SSD
Running latest clover, unibeast and multibeast
Mac OS Sierra 10.12.5?

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