Working 10.8.4 but Seems to be booting from Safe Mode #iATKOS #ML2

Hi guys i got a really wierd problem occuring with my build. ive managed to install OSX on my machine recently and updated to 10.8.4 but couldnt get the sound working on my Gigabyte Z77-D3H motherboard and after reading on several forums and trying certian methods ended up messing up OSX and so had to start over but now ive got another (I'm hoping little) problem with the graphics.

Ive installed OSX successfully, run multibeast with the usual atheros and Nvidia GL drivers whilst using the EasyBeast option (which i did before) and it seems to boot ok except for one odd exception !!! When it boots up past the boot loader i get the grey apple screen but then underneath i get the grey loading bar underneath as if its booting in safe mode but whats odd is the only flag ive but into multibeast is GraphicsEnabler=No.

When i get into OSX the graphics are glitchy as if it is in safe mode and im still having no luck with the sound despite following all the online tuts !!

would really appreciate any help with these two problems