Updated Snow Leopard install to Mountain Lion using myhack... now I'm not booting. #iATKOS #ML2

Hello everyone, I'm new here, and I'm new to the Hackintosh scene also!

I successfully managed to install Snow Leopard onto my desktop, and everything was fine.

I have used myhack to install Mountain Lion and now whenever I boot, I'm hanging at the white screen with the apple logo on.

I've tried to reboot with -f and got:

EBIOS read error: Device timeout

Block 0x4aefe8 Sectors 0

I do not have a DSDT, as I've not come across one for my board sadly!

Thanks in advanced for any help and advice, I'll edit the thread as I try other things whilst I wait for a response :)


EDIT: -x fetches up the same as -f does, and -s gets to:

[ PCI configuration begins ]

Nothing happens after that.

Will keep trying :)