Samsung N150P is it possible to wireless or not? #iATKOS

Hi, well let me tell you what happens.. I´ve been looking everywhere a method to enable the WIFI in my netbook. I´ve seen that people install some kexts to try to enable it (but I don´t know how can I do that) as seen in one post here a guy could make it work by adding this "IONetworkingFamily.kext and VoodooBattery", I looked how to do it, downloaded them and then moved to iPortable/extras/ (that´s were I´ve seen more kexts, but they were alredy there).

It has some other problems that you may know which are the sound card doesn´t work, and also 800x600 display default..

I´ve used the iPortable Snow x86 in an 8gb pendrive to load the system.. And my question is could it be something done to solve these problems?

I don´t know so much of the system so please make it easy for me to understand (also english isn´t my native language more difficulty added jeje)