IATKOS ML2 10.8.2 issue #iATKOS #ML2


My laptop is Dell Vostro 1014

Intel Core 2 Duo CPU T6670


Graphics: GM 4500 MHD

500 GB HDD

Chipset is GM 45


Graphics Details:

GM 4500 MHD

ID : 0x2a42 0x0007

Please help me to Install IATKOS ML2.....I installed snow leopard worked fine... but the graphics was a big problem , as i am not getting a proper resolution, so i am trying to move on to ML2..so when i initially tried for installation i was getting a panic, so i deleted the drivers and after that... this following command helped me to enter the installation of IATKOS ML2

-v -x -f npci=0x2000... but as soon i enter to installer window, the mouse started flickering ...so i tried with GraphicsEnabler=No and also tried with yes...0x0007 but no of these worked.Tried with PciRoot=0 , tried cpus=1, tried UseKernalCache=No, tried with npci=0x3000, but was getting still the same problem. Any how i managed to install ML2 but it was not booing up properly, so -v -x -f npci=0x2000, worked ...but it is safe boot... mose was still flickering, so wen i pressed the mouse button for 1 second, the mouse ran smoothly for 3 sec... and den again flickering....

Please help to to Install IAtkos ML2 in a proper manner