GA-Z68XP-UD3 F10 - Alc889 Not working 10.8.3 #AUDIO

My System: GA-Z68XP-UD3 F10 - I73770 - GT660

My problem: After 10.8.3 = No Sound

I Patch my DSDT.aml with the HDEF_ DSDT_ALC889.dsl patch and put the AppleHDA.Kext in Extensions folder and... no Working, with ALC889_AppleHDA_10.8.3_V2+HDEF and V1 and i already try with HDAEnabler.kext, and nothing...

(I try to, all AppleHDA.Kext from other guys)

2013-04-01 04.57.22 am.jpg2013-04-01 04.58.59 am.jpg2013-04-01 05.00.11 am.jpg2013-04-01 05.12.57 am.jpg

Can someone helps!