10.8.3: Atheros 9287 / AR5B97 - No Hardware Detected #iATKOS #ML2

I am using a Gateway NV57H22u, i3, Realtek sound, with this wifi card.

Atheros 9287 / AR5B97.

I've reinstalled OSX a few times (10.8.3).

I use multibeast to do the easy install, followed by correcting the boot0 issues, followed by moving the Extras from the install to the Extras on the OSX drive, this stops the problems.

Using KextBeast I've installed and manually removed half a dozen sets of kext for Atheros 9287 and edited the plist files in Content\plugins\ in the IO80211Family.kext containers to include pci168c,2e without resolution.

There is no hardware wireless switch and I do see this device when I run the system information pkg.

The wireless continues to say, "No Hardware Detected"

Any ideas or directions to take this?

Thank you