iATKOS ML2: Simple Troubleshooting guide

Simple Troubleshooting guide:

At times after installation, your system may not work properly as in > it may restart, not boot at all or hang at a certain point. These are quite normal and there are some steps to be taken in these cases. It varies from one case to another. This basic troubleshooting guide may help you to solve most of the common problems.

- If you're facing hangs, freezes or kernel panics (which is present as a shutdown symbol on the grey screen just after boot) type "-v" (without quotes) at the boot promt and press enter. This would give you verbose output which is useful for the solution.
You can take a photo of the verbose screen at the point of freeze and post it on our forum or on other OSX86 development platforms to get help.

- To pass the freeze/hang or kernel panic, you may try boot with "-x -v" (without quotes) which boots the computer in safe mode. Then you may have the chance to reach up to OS X GUI to solve your problem.

- White, black or blue screen freezes mostly mean that your graphics card(s) isn't functioning correctly at that time.
You can try to boot with "-x -v" command which mostly to takes you successfully to OS X GUI in safe mode. Then you can search the internet for the solution for your graphics hardware. 
Re-installing iATKOS ML2 by re-arranging your install selection list should be the first choice.
You may try with selecting none of the graphics related packages or the appropriate graphics disabler packages for your setup under VGA drivers section during install to make sure that it is a graphics related issue.
Then after a little more reading and search (if needed) you can install iATKOS ML2 with the right settings for your computer and solve the problem.

- You can also try these commands (without quotes) for freezes:
You can try combinations by adding a space between them, i.e. "-x -v cpus=1".
Also there might be some commands that you need to enter just because of your faulty bootloader options selections.

- "Waiting for root device" - It means that OS X doesn't see your hard disk or boot device for some reason. You can face with this during dvd/blu-ray boot or after system install during hdd boot.
*DVD/Blu-Ray Boot:
-Change your SATA mode from IDE/RAID to ACHI by your BIOS setup.
-You may need to check other BIOS settings that might be the problem.
-You can try the other SATA ports for your DVD/Blu-Ray drive.
-You can try updating your BIOS version.
These steps usually fix the problem. If not, then you can try to install using a USB media. If still no light, then your hardware is not compatible with OS X at that point.
*USB boot:
-You can try to boot with "USBBusFix=Yes" command
If it does not help, it can still be solved by dsdt edits for some cases, which needs knowledge and additional operations to iATKOS ML2 restored USB media.
*HDD Boot after installation:
-Apply the same steps with DVD boot above
-Re-install iATKOS ML2 with re-arranging your install selection list.