iATKOS ML: Upgrade from previous versions [guide]

Upgrade from previous versions: 

- You can upgrade your existing Lion (I0.7.x) and Mountain Lion (10.8.x) installations to Mountain Lion 10.8.2 or make a refresh install to your 10.8.2 system (keeping your applications, user accounts, user settings and user data) by using iATKOS ML2. To upgrade from Snow Leopard (10.6.x), you should first upgrade to Lion (10.7.x) by using iATKOS L, #Niresh Lion, or any other methods. 
- I advice you to do a clean install to another HDD on your computer before upgrade, to see that it actually works on your computer. 
- You will need to re-install your special device drivers after upgrade. i.e. your m-audio firewire sound driver, your 3G modem driver, your All video card driver.
- Some of your applications that runs on the previous versions of OS X may not be compatible with Mountain lion 10.8.2, so know that they may fail after upgrade. Search for your existing software/driver compatibility for Mountain Lion before upgrading to Mountain Lion. 
- You will need to prepare your selection list just like a clean install. 
1- Select the destination for installation  
2- Click Customize* and select what you need  
3- Click Install 
by uphuck, cheers :D