Bios Settings for a first time Hackintosh Install

For a first time Hackintosh install from the scratch you should make sure you have some BIOS settings  right. Follow the steps below,

Go to your BIOS, see your motherboard manual on how to do so
 It's mostly F2 or Delete key.

Disable the following technologies if you have it,

a. Speed Step or EIST (Enhanced Intel Speed Step),AMD (cool n quiet) .

b. Virtualization.

c. HPET (High precision event timer).

d. Dynamic Acceleration.
e. Set boot from DVD first option in BIOS.

Note : Enable the above after you install and get a working hackintosh. 

Enable the following technologies if you have it,  

a. Set the SATA operation mode to AHCI.

Note: You should have the SATA as AHCI only for OSX HDD operation, Windows vista and above support AHCI mode out of box. For Windows XP you should use a special driver if you plan to use it in multiboot with OSX.