Heaven DX11 Benchmark

Unigine heaven 3.0 support osx 10.7+

Finally something to put pressure on cayman in 10.8

Changes in version 3.0

  • Added Mac OS X version compatible with 10.7+ (no tessellation).
  • Added support for Intel HD 3000 GPU (no tessellation).
  • Improved support for multi-monitor configurations.
  • Added support for NVIDIA 3D Surround (multi-monitor stereo 3D).
  • Enhanced NVIDIA 3D Vision support.
  • New cross-platform launcher without .NET dependencies.
  • Fixed Phoronix Test Suite compatibility issue.
  • Fixed minor visual artifacts.
  • Improved compatibility with Mesa drivers.
  • Improved detection of new GPUs.

Known Issues

Crash on Creative SB X-Fi cards

Please switch your sound card in gaming mode to get correct work with OpenAL library.

Crash in wireframe mode on ATI Radeon HD 5xxx

Please don't use wireframe mode on this hardware with tessellation enabled.

Alternating white frames on NVIDIA 7xxx

Video driver bug.