How to install Kexts on Mac [ Easy way ]

How-to use:

1. Drop files on its icon or on the open application.

2. Type your password (for root access)

3. Click Easy Install button.

4.Wait for confirmation and do a reboot to enjoy your new (hopefully working) kexts.

Advanced features:

Shows output from shell as script runs.

kext permissions: sets permissions to all files in your extensions folder.

make script: makes a install script for the chosen kexts.

tag cache rebuild: makes script for touch extensions folder, so cache gets rebuild on next boot.

Run ->: runs the current script, so be sure you got no errors if you edited it.


When you already have a file with the name you are installing, the old one will be put in a folder name "Backup Extensions" on the root of your system disk.

Known issues:

Doesn't support files with spaces in the file name (spaces in the path to the file works fine).

Use at your own risk. I hope you find it useful.