Darwin flags for com.apple.Boot.plist and more [ Fix ]

Note: Any flag can be added to your boot.plist but these are just the common ones.

"Boot Graphics"=Yes
= Yes or No. Use graphics mode or text mode when starting. Turns off vesa mode graphics at boot.

"Quiet Boot"=Yes
= Yes or No. Use quiet boot mode (no messages or prompt). Same as adding -v option.

= Any number 1-100. Number of seconds to pause at the boot prompt.

When added as a boot flag to your com.apple.Boot.plist will give you details about a kernel panic you have at any time when running OSX. I believe it is the same as debug=0x100, not sure.

Kernel level flags:

= The flag attempts to enable the L2 cache if not already enabled. Not sure if this works on hacks. If your having an L2 cache issue try this flag.

Tells the kernel how many cores there are in place. Ex: cpus=1 OR cpus=2

Lets you set two values ether 1 or 0 stating true or false, if set to true then at idle time the cpu will halt causing power saving and cooling of CPU, if set to 0 then the cpu will allways run even in idle time.



Lets you set two values ether 1 or 0 stating true or false. This flag is exactly the same as the one above I believe. Please correct me if I'm wrong.



= causes the system to load in 32 bit mode while running on 64 bit version of OS X

= To show information about kernel panics & other useful info from system at startup. If you are getting a auto rebooting from bad kernel or kext being loaded use this flag to see what it is. Will help when posting information on this forum for diagnoses.

= This allows you to specify maximum memory used by the system. Not sure if the rest of the memory is used for apps or not. Many people have to use this if they have 4GB of memory in a 32bit OS. Ex: maxmem=2048