How to install iATKOS L2 on eMachine M350 Mini Netbook [Guide]

Here are the steps to installing iAtkos L2 onto an eMachine M350 mini netbook.

1. Burn the image of the iAtkos L2 onto a usb
2. Boot using the iAtkos L2 dvd with the usb attached and then select the usb to boot right off of it
3. Select your language
4. Using the Disk Utilities partition your HD. In this case I used MBR but you can use GUID if you like
5. Use the follow for installattion
   *Chameleon 2.0
   *Graphics Enabler
   *PCI Root-1
   *32 bit
   *Built in Ethernet
   *Fake SMC
   *RTC 32-Bit
   *IOPCI Family
   *Atom Kernel
   *Voodoo HDA 2.2
   *USB 2.0
   *Voodoo keyboard and mouse
   *Select all wifi boxes
6. Your install will last about 12 minutes.
7. The 1024x600 display settings will be automatically detected but will have no hardware acceleration and will run natively.
8. Enjoy iATKOS L2!!!
9. I am currently waiting for someone to come up with the Video Kext which is a GMA 3150 which has caused several headaches in the past editions of iAtkos v2 S3 and so on. But for some reason iAtkos L2 detected the correct display setting but like I said before only natively.
10. Any comments please feel free to e-mail me.
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  1. What do you mean by burning the image onto an usb? Just copy it? Or do I have to do something special?

  2. How can I burn the image onto an usb? Just copy it? Or do I have to do something special?

  3. Does it work for Acer Aspire One D250 ?

  4. I burnt the L2 dmg file with transmac, booted on it with an external usb dvd drive but nothing happens. I'm stuck at the apple logo :(

  5. Hey there,

    I burnt the iatkos L2 dvd and I boot on it with an external usb DVD drive.

    I launch the install with the -v option and the only thing I get is a black screen once all the kexts are loaded.

    If I don't use the -v option, I freeze at the apple logo.

    Any idea ?


  6. for most booting issue try: -v arch=i386 npci=0x2000 pciroot=yes dsdt=no

  7. Still a black screen with these options...