How to install MAC OS X on a Lenovo Y450A-TSI

I am using a Lenovo Y450A-TSI] [notebook, said MAC system now supports only the INTEL X86 architecture processor, should be used, the question is how to install? I do not have CD-ROM, the Internet to download a file called [Mac.OS.X.10.6.3.Retail.dmg], it is said that the latest MAC OS X Snow Leopard, by the way Bong Download:
The problem now is that the download is complete, how to install on an existing laptop? 6G carved no less than the size of DVD disks, hard disk, or if the mobile U disk, then how to install it? I will be all re-zoning. 8G is now only the hands of a U-disk, a blank DVD recordable disc 2.
Another advice, [Lenovo Y450A-TSI] should be used is NVIDIA graphics card it is not no way to install graphics card drivers? OS system partition is not the same format and WINDOWS? NTFS is not a class? 
No I do not know Daoxing notebook, desktop PC, it should be, right? ? ? The problem is still above, the following write configuration.
Motherboard: ASUS P5QL SE
Memory: Kingston 2G DDR2 800 X 2
Graphics: Colorful GTS 250
Hard Drive: Dual ST 500G array
I lift the overall re-partition that is not installed in the WINDOWS below, it seems have no access to CD-ROM


Are now fitted with the original hard drive installed base, the landlord is no need to use the CD-ROM installed, install the tutorial to see this specific post In addition, the card is driven, there are others to do the DSDT, can be directly used
Your desktop can be assured, and put on no problems, sound card can use the universal voodoohda.kext drive, as graphics, Nvenabler64 can get. Also, if you use the hard disk must be installed if a Windows operating system.
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Can use removable hard disk or U disk?