How to Install Lion OSX (Basic Guide)

Having hardware trouble after installing Lion OSX? You need to understand that not all hardware will work out of the box. So, you'll need to use Injectors, which basically are modified kexts, so that your hardware might work. Most Ethernet card won't work out of the box, so you need to find out your network card id device number and the injector compatible with it. The same apply to others hardware. Be aware that Intel wireless cards are not compatible with OSX, you might try to replace it with other wireless card compatible with your system and OSX. 

If you have any trouble Replacing The Packages files from Lion OSX to the new image.dmg make sure that the new image the you had created has 4.6 GB (DVD-R, DVD-Ram) of size (as is shown in image 2), otherwise it won't let you replace them and you will get an message saying that you don't have enough space available. Always double check the instructions below. 

One thing you might want to know before you read or start installing Lion OSX, is that you don't need Mac OSX 10.6.8 to install Lion OSX in a drive, unless you want to upgrade from it. But if you have an empty drive and wants to use it to install Lion OSX, you can do it straight up without having to install Snow leopard OS 10.6.8. The only things you'll need is Lion OSX install in a partition that can boot it up and make sure that the same partition has Chameleon for Lion install, along with some kexts. Nothing Else is needed.

Things you'll need to install Lion operating System in a PC:

- Lion OSX image
- Computer running MAC OSX
- 2 partitions (one save in you desktop for easy access and the other-one for The actual Lion OSX installation.)
- Some Kexts needed to be install in the Installer drive. (Those kexts has to be install in the "Extra Folder" inside Chameleon Only, there's no need for installing them into the "Extensions" Folder in the Mac OSX System)
- PCEFI 10.6 Lion+Snow.pkg
- Chameleon for Lion OSX. (Link to download it is on my forum). By the way, Thanks to all the people that worked in making Chameleon for Lion. Always be support of their work...!
- Again, If you're just upgrading from 10.6.8 to Lion OSX no need to create any new partition, just use the same one that 10.6.8 is using, you won't lose anything!.

The 2 partitions that I had mention above is to use 1 and extract and modify "BaseSystem.dmg" and replace the shortcut from "Packages" for the actual folder. Otherwise you won't be able to modify it. and the second partition is to Transfer all the datas from the modified "BaseSystem.dmg" to a bootable partition. So, basically you will need those 2 partitions o if you prefer, you can use a partition created from your hard drive and a USB pen or portable drive. Whichever way you chose you'll need to create an image and "restore" BaseSystem.dmg and later transfer all those files via restore (again) to a new drive or partition. it might sound complicated but is not, just follow the directions below.

Note: If you're just upgrading from 10.6.8 to Lion OSX you don't need to create a new partition when you're installing Lion OSX, just chose the main partition as the drive you wants to install it. But you might experiences some issues if you have installed modified kexts. that said, if by any chances you're having issues with some hardwares you're better off by installing Lion OSX from a clean install.! 
You don't need any patching files thru this installation, Just the bootloaders and some kexts in the Chameleon Bootloader Extra folder.

I had installed "Lion OSX" in a Toshiba L305 and everything works flawlessly: Wireless card (I have Aria Extreme N), Card reader, etc. everything works. FaceTime, Photo Booth.!

Ready to start? just follow the instructions below:

Open "Disk Utility" app and create a new image as shown in images below:

new immage.dmg DVD 4,6 Gb read and write , rename like Lion.dmg

Once it has been saved into your Desktop (for easy access), open the folder where you have a Retail copy of Lion OSX and find InstallESD.dmg -> "Install Mac Os X" as it's shown below:

Using Disk utility restore BaseSystem.dmg on The New image Lion.dmg (that one you saved in the desktop). The Restoring will change your image name from Lion.dmg to "Mac OS X Base System". rename it again "Lion.dmg" so you won't get confused. (rename it using Finder"

Delete packages link inside /System/installation from the new image (that one you named Lion.dmg) and Copy Packages folder from InstallESD.dmg to Lion.dmg inside /System/Installation/ folder

Install Chameleon and PCEFI on Lion.dmg (Before we restore or transfer Lion.dmg to the partition that will install Lion OSX).

Now is time to restore Lion.dmg (Which you saved in your desktop) and transfer all the files via "Restore" to the Lion OSX Boot drive. You can use either a Portable drive, USB pen or a Partition from your main hard drive. Either way the partition has to be
GUID + HFS+ journaled format and after it's created and formatted name it "Lion OSX boot" or whatever you like. This is only so you can have an idea what steps to take.

after Disk utility finished "Restoring" Lion.dmg (from your desktop) to the partition you had named "Lion OSX boot", you'll need to copy

- Mach Kernel from InstallESD.dmg

Once you have done that, is time to install into "Lion OSX Boot" (that one that will install Lion OSX into your PC)

- Chameleon Bootloader
- PCEFI 10.6 Lion+Snow.pkg

Also you'll need to install a few kexts into the extra folder in Chameleon so that the hardware can work. such as fakesmc.kext, NullCPUPowerManagement.kext, ElliottForceLegacyRTC.kext, AppleACPIPS2Nub.kext, ApplePS2Controller.kext, VoodooBattery.kext, etc. To get my card reader worked I had used " IOAHCIBlockStorageInjector.kext".

I had swap "Intel® Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN" for "Aria Extreme N" wireless card and it worked out of the box.

Next step is to create a partition where you wants Lion OSX to be install, or you can create it once Lion OSX is loaded and use "Disk Utility" app from the Installation.

So, Restart you computer and make sure you boot up the partition that has Lion OSX.

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