Compatibility to OS X Lion?

"To get along with others ah." You have this computer. With OS X, you can use Microsoft Office, with most printers and cameras connected to the network by adding PC can even run Windows.

Want from your PC to the new Mac?
With OS X, you can from your old PC to transfer all the information on your new Mac. OS X built-in Windows-to-Mac migration feature that automatically transfer your documents, music, contacts, calendar and e-mail accounts (Outlook and Windows Live Mail), and into their new folder on the Mac and the appropriate application software. It's that simple. If you have an Apple Store to buy a new Mac, our private setting service can help you successfully enabled Mac. If you have a One to One membership, an Apple Genius genius can even transfer your files from your PC, and recycle your old PC.
Industry Standard founder

OS X supports industry standards, and almost all of the email service providers and Web site compatibility. You can also view common file types, such as Office documents, PDF, images, text files, MP3, video, ZIP files.
Office on your Mac

On a Mac using Microsoft Office, you can easily create Word documents, PowerPoint presentations and Excel spreadsheets, as in the installation of a Windows PC on the same.It is also a Windows version of Microsoft Office compatibility, you can easily share with friends and colleagues in a variety of documents. Even if your Mac does not install Office, you can also use the Quick Look view Office documents without having to open the application.
Microsoft Exchange Server Support

Mac with built-Lion's latest version of Microsoft Exchange Server support. Whether in the company or at home, you can open the Mac using a variety of favorite Mac software, unified store your e-mail, meeting invitations and contact information.
Relax, your camera, printer, mouse, can be used as

Almost all use USB, audio cable or Bluetooth connected devices can be used on the Mac, including digital cameras, external hard drives, printers, keyboards, speakers, and more equipment. You can even use a Mac with the right mouse. OS X is equipped with thousands of device drivers, you just access to these devices, you can use immediately, without having to download additional software.
Mac can still run Windows

Sometimes, occasionally with a bit Windows applications? No problem. Every new Mac built-in Boot Camp utility, you can install and run the Windows system to the original speed. Mac file set is simple and safe. After installing Boot Camp, you can choose to use OS X or Windows boot your Mac (this is the reason we call it Boot Camp). If you want to run Windows and Mac applications, but without rebooting, you can use VMware or Parallels software to install Windows.
Connected to a PC through the network with other

Use the Finder on a Mac can not only browse the files from the home network can easily find files on other computers (including Mac and PC). Allows the sharing of computer files will be automatically displayed in the Finder sidebar of the "Shared" section, to facilitate your visit you have the right to view files and folders.