Opencore resolution weird

Whenever I start up my pc and I get to Opencore everything is super stretched like it’s displaying the wrong resolution. If I select MacOS about half way thru booting the screen will flash for a millisecond and the resolution will be correct. I just want my opencore resolution to look correct because it looks terrible. I’ve already tried all of the steps in the config.plist related to the boot up resolution so I don’t know what else I can try. I’d appreciate if anyone has any ideas. Btw if I boot into opencore using my 3070 as my primary graphics in bios (disabled in macOS just for windows) and not my iGPU it all looks perfectly fine.

Specs: I7 9700k RTX 3070(disabled for macOS) 32gb ram Aorus z390 Pro WiFi Intel Bluetooth and WiFi.

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