First Hackintosh Build sort of a success but..

Hey all. So I have been wanting to do a hackintosh build all year. I had a 16 inch MacBook Pro but I kept getting kernal panics and it just felt too expensive for something I can't upgrade. I usually stick with gaming laptops but I finally built a $450 custom pc. No graphics card yet although I may get a Nvidia tomorrow.

Anyway, the performance sucks. The display and animations are choppy and glitchy, the sound is horrible when trying to use Logic ( main reason I need this or want it ) and worse of all, the wifi and bluetooth won't function.

I know nothing about Kexts or the settings the you have to tweak on this, I figured it would work just like a normal mac now, but I tried to do an update and it messed up. I keep getting kernal panics and shit is just messed up pretty bad although I am very excited just to have gotten this far honestly.

I installed High Sierra. I now have Big Sur.dmg and was wondering how I would go about restarting and trying again. I have a new MSI mini itx motherboards. One of the cheap ones ( 100 bucks ) also a Ryzen 3 2nd gen with 8GB of ram. I still feel like this is a decent amount of power to at least run things smoother. I feel like It is a display driver, sound driver, and network driver issue. If I could get that sorted, it seems like I would have much better luck.

Thanks everyone. Looking forward to hearing something, let me know if you need any more info that I left out.

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