Intel Firmware is trying to download something and keeps retrying. (can't boot)

Hi, I installed Manjaro as a dual boot since this software does not support mac os. I booted in to mac os and the screen has a pink tint to the screen. I followed this guide and it told me to disable SIP to put this display file into System ==> Library ==> Contents ==> Override ==> Displays to fix it. I disabled it by going to recovery mode, then terminal and typing csrutil disable. I rebooted and now when I boot I get to this intel firmware part. It said it failed to connect to power supply and is downloading and redownloading something. It doesn't say what it is (Intel Firmware: Downloading...).

I have Mac os on a Intel NUC8i5BEH.If you want a screenshot I will post one in the morning (for me).

EDIT: Recovery mode boots fine

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