Help needed: After BIOS Reset / CLR_CMOS no Ethernet and no Wifi with macOS

Hi everybody,

Short story: After I resetted my BIOS my macOS installation has all networking disabled. I can enable ethernet, but it gets no link, and wifi sees no networks. What to do?

Long story: So yesterday I got new RAM, installed it and it was normally discovered and worked. BIOS; Windows, macOS, no problems.
Then I wanted to check it with memtest86+. The USB Stick requires CSM support in BIOS. I activated that option, but the system would only give an error at boot. I tried to get into the BIOS to disable it again, but it would only give errors that the BIOS can't be accessed.

So I made a BIOS reset using the CLR_CMOS jumper. After that I reset all the options needed for hackintosh, and happily booted up my system.

OpenCore works, can boot windows. Windows has no problems with the networking cards, i.e. ethernet works, wifi works. macOS however sees the cards, but has them disabled. Enabling them leads to "no link" for ethernet or a non functioning wifi.

What could the issue be? Prior to the CMOS Reset everything worked flawlessly.

I am honestly out of ideas here. Any help appreciated.

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