Boot Camp drivers remove D drive letter on boot, in Windows.

So, I followed the Dortania guide to install Boot Camp in windows and after a reboot I noticed that my D drive is gone. Scared that it might have formatted something (because I saw a diskpart window pop up), I open diskmgmt.msc and see that my partition is OK, but it has no drive letter. I assigned back the letter D and than it showed again in the file manager, but after a reboot it is gone again. I looked online and saw that for some reason, boot camp considers D as a Recovery partition, I don't know for what, so I uninstalled Boot Camp, but now, even though Boot Camp is gone, the problem still didn't get fixed. I have to assign a letter to that partition every time I boot and it's annoying. I haven't tried with other letters because I need that to be D, because I have a lot of things linked to D, like network shares, the Downloads folder and many programs and games for which I have shortcuts on the desktop reside in D.

How can I fix this issue? Are there any services that boot camp created that I have to stop or delete? If yes, how are they called? Are there any residual folders that need to be deleted? I am 100% sure that Boot Camp started causing the problems. Thanks

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