Asus Gl503ge i7 8750h(UHd 630) Laptop Hdmi Port Not Working Please Help

I Have An Asus Gl503ge :-

I7 8750h with Gtx 1050ti disabled I checked in Physx Properties My Hdmi 1.4 Port Is Connected To My Igpu (UHd 630) My Hdmi Port Is Not Working I M Using Catalina 10.15.7 With Apple Platform Id - 0900A53E with device id - 9B3e0000

I Tried : 1. Patching The Framebuffer i.e Both Con. 1 And Con 2 With All The Bus Id (1 to 6) Still Nothing 2. Tried All Sm bios MacBook Pro 15,1 15,2 15,3

Please Help..!

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