Serial number approximation

* Hardware:
CPU: Intel i5-8259U Coffee Lake
GPU: Intel Iris 655
RAM: 2x8GB 2666MHz Kingston HyperX
Motherboard/Laptop model: NUC8i5BEB / NUC8i5BEH
Screen(s) Number: 1
Screen(s) Resolution: 3840x2160@30Hz
Audio Codec: ALC235, Layout D'14/H'0E
Ethernet Card: Intel I219-V / 808615BE
Wifi/BT Card: (if available) : BCM94360CS2 / Native Apple & M.2 adapter

* What guide/tool I followed:
Dortania / Post-install
iDiot iMessage guide
Several other forum posts

* What part I got an issue with:
what type of serial

Opencore 0.6.5
Big Sur 11.1 (20c69)
Latest kexts

Hi everyone

So here is the thing. In the past weeks (months) i figured out every little detail of OC/hackintosh.

Before logging in to any services i will do a full clear install to prepare a "clean" NVRAM+System.

Numerous posts exists (even here) about the million dollar question: the generated serial (still not convinced).

So there is a massive contradiction here among users and i'm struggling to follow either way, but i do need advice to run it from the safest option.

Obviously i'd like to use it with my active (old) appleid linked to everything (creditcard, icloud subscription, family sharing, ATV, homepod, ipad, 30+ homekit, etc)

Earlier guides and several posts say to use invalid serial with an old account (having creditcard for proofing account).

I do concerned of blacklisting and despite different informations around i want to avoid conflicts.

OC/Dortania guide says:

"This last one (Purchase Date not validated) is what we're after, as we want something genuine but currently not in use by anyone."

"Note: "We’re sorry, but this serial number isn’t valid. Please check your information and try again." works for many users as well, do note though if you've had a bad track record with Apple/iServices you many need one that's "Purchase Date not Validated". Otherwise there may be suspicion"

"Note 2: Using a "Purchase Date not Validated:" can cause issues down the line if another machine of the same serial ever gets activated, for initial setup it can help alleviate issues with your account but in the long run an invalid serial can be a safer choice."

Lot of posts was about getting blacklisted with invalid serial and to contact apple.

Others say using valid, but not validated on a long run might be registered by a real mac device, thus will eventually create a problem (also as note2 says).

So how i interpret the guide:
If you do not have a bad record (not blacklisted appleId earlier / no trials made yet) then you should use invalid serial. On the other side if you already had a bad record (as blacklisted earlier for some reason) then its better to use a valid serial (but then what? blacklisted again when hit on real device registration?

Yes. i'm lost.

I'm generating with GenSMBios / macserial.

With macserial and some playing of 6+ hours i was able to find valid serials without validated purchase date.

UUID to be generated separately if one can confirm it has nothing to do with the serial/MLB itself, but i think i may be right with this part.

Versions i considered so far:

1) use a not valid serial with old appleid account

2) use a valid, but "Purchase Date not validated" serial with new account (logged in an apple macmini3,1) first, then if it works log out and log in with the old account.

3) use a valid, but "Purchase Date not validated" serial with old account and use it until the real machine is getting registered?

Obviously i'd like to use the my own appleId without getting blacklisted and the same serial/MLB/UUID for a long run.

How did you decided when you started to use hackintosh with your existing userId ?

Can you suggest an exact way to be followed any why it is to be followed ?

Or to suggest what was working on the first try OR blacklisted immediately

Thanks in advance for all your valuable comment.

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